JULY 13 - October 15

An Exhibition in Stone

This exhibit is generously sponsored by Howard W. Masini, CPA.

Each artist in this show has a background in geological sciences. This professional experience gives their artwork a unique through line. When artists elect to work in a natural and unrefined material, they accept it as a collaborator. The stone itself will inform every decision the artist makes.

Visitors will be presented with 3 distinct approaches to the material with stones sourced from all over the world. Susan Judy focuses on an additive approach on her mosaic inspired wall pieces. Chris Herald incorporates interesting and exotic stone into his ornate jewelry. The third artist, Bill Gee carves beautiful sculpture with more traditional subtractive techniques focusing on living subjects. This show will bridge the gap between the schools of sculpture and science.

Please enjoy the powerful juxtaposition this show provides. Stone formed by countless years of natural process, selected and transformed into art. These three artists harmonize their scientific backgrounds with their artistic abilities. Their skill has made for a very special exhibition

The exhibition has a member-only preview on Thursday, July 13, 2017, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. The exhibit opens to the public on July 14th and will be on view through October 15th.