The familiar sights, sounds, and traditions of the holiday season are upon us. You are probably getting more than a few requests about donating to your favorite non-profit (including this one!). It’s that time of year when we ask for your support, gifts, and donations.

Instead of your support, a gift, or donation - we are asking you to INVEST! An investment means you get something in return! Every dollar you put into FAC makes the arts alive for our community in Golden and beyond for learners of ALL ages. Here are 3 ways you can help us make a real difference today. 

The Holiday Art Market at Foothills Art Center is happening now through December 30 with work from over 100 Colorado artists. Shopping at HART not only supports Foothills, but also our local artist community. Learn more here. 

The best way to experience Foothills Art Center is by being a member. You may have noticed that our members get quite a few benefits. Membership starts at $35. Skip over to the JOIN page to find out more. An FAC membership also makes a great gift this holiday season!

You already know the impact that Foothills Art Center makes in our community. What you might not know are the tax benefits associated with your support. Click here to invest in Foothills Art Center and find out more.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!