It was family members who were involved in the visual arts during both of their childhoods that created a love of art in Elaine and Bob Collins as adults. Foothills Art Center was founded in 1968. In the early 70’s, as Bob was working with his partners to grow and expand COBE Laboratories into the dialysis market, Elaine started the first of three terms on the board at Foothills Art Center. She ultimately served 18 years.

It is plain to see that the Collins’ are art-lovers from the many pieces that hang in their home - some from well-known artists and others from dear friends and family members.

“It’s the arts that give people an expression of their inner feelings and enjoyment of the arts are very beneficial to society. I’ve always believed that,” says Elaine.

“The visual arts allow you to see things with new perspectives and it expands your understanding of the world around you,” added Bob.

They both agree that the uniqueness of Foothills sets it apart from other arts organizations across the country and that its mission of leading and inspiring the community through art, education and cultural excellence has allowed it to grow exponentially over the years.

“The increase in classes for children, adults, and everyone in between makes Foothills an integral part of our community”, says Elaine. “Being able to show our members’ works in the same galleries of national exhibitions with wide appeal is very special for our community.”

Elaine and Bob Collins are more than members, they are fanatics. They have invested time, resources, and money into Foothills over the years. “Our financial support is very satisfying because we know we are making a difference at Foothills,” says Elaine. “You can spread your giving in many different places – and it helps – but it doesn’t make a difference and that’s how we feel. We want to make a difference and that’s the philosophy of our family.”

At Foothills Art Center we sincerely appreciate the commitment from members like Elaine and Bob Collins. “Foothills is an integrated arts institution,” adds Bob. “Not only does it serve our community, but it uplifts the appreciation of art for us all”.

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Anna Schoen