• 9:00am - 3:00pm 
  • Monday-Friday
  • Ages 7-12

Instructor: Roy Annenberg

Calling all future architects!  This fun week of Summer Camp will harness your child’s inner Frank Lloyd Wright for an amazing week of creating and experiences.  First we will look at city skylines from around the world and then create our own fun city skyline using printmaking and collage techniques.  A clay tile city will also be created using imprinting and slab construction!  Collaboration will occur in a fun and exciting experience where each child will act as a city planner to build their own unique neighborhoods before joining them altogether to create a large 3-D city. Our experiences as an architect will continue as we learn the concepts behind the internal parts of unique buildings with hands-on construction and blueprint design.  Finally, we will make our own unique and silly novelty architecture inspired by amazing structures such as the giant donut atop Randy’s Donuts in L.A. and the amazing Coney Island Hot Dog Stand shaped like a hot dog in Bailey Colorado!  This unique week of art creation will inspire future architects and bring home lasting artwork! Sign up now!