• 9:00am - 3:00pm 
  • Monday-Friday
  • Ages 7-12

Instructor: Roy Annenberg

During this exciting week of Art Camp, kids will get to be a different artist for each day!  They will learn about the life of the artist and how this affected the way their artwork looks.  Collage experiences will abound with learning about the modern art of Georgia O’Keefe.  Fantasy and story-telling will guide us through a day as Joseph Cornell by creating a diorama/box sculpture. Giant pop art sculptures will inspire our day as Claes Oldenburg.  The dream-like meandering paintings of Joan Miro will be an exciting way to create vibrant and colorful paintings.  Lastly, the interstellar space creations of contemporary and active artist Mariko Mori will be used as inspiration for creating fun artwork from a modern Japanese artist.  Collage, Paint, Draw, and Sculpt your way through a week of fun! Sign up now!