• 9:00am - 1:00pm 
  • Tuesday-Thursday
  • Ages 4-6

Instructor: Lindsay Allen

Throughout this week, kids will learn the difference between warm and cool colors. Together we will look at the Fauvist art movement, specifically landscape artists that have incorporated warm and cool colors into their compositions. Students will understand that colors convey certain moods and there can be an emotional response to how the artist has shown the different colors in their paintings. A short introduction/review on primary colors will be given to the kids before looking at the artists. We will talk about how these primary colors can also be grouped in warm and cool colors. We will discuss the different things in our lives that make us feel warm and make us feel cool. Once kids have an understanding between the two, they will create landscape drawings that make them feel warm (i.e. being warm at the beach) and cool (i.e. being on a snowy mountain-top). Students will use watercolor paint to complete this painting. Sign up now!