We are so happy to be welcoming back Kath Macaulay!

  • Petersen Classroom
  • August 5, 6 and 7
  • 9:30am-4:00pm daily
  • Non member $350/Member $315
  • Skill Level: All 
  • $40 cash at time of class for supply kit

This quick-draw technique allows anyone to “journal” wherever they are using only a 4 x 6 art pad, a pen, a small paint set, a brush and a film canister of water. Perfect for hiking, sitting in a café or standing in line — take it anywhere, whip it out in a minute, and preserve a memory in 25 minutes or less. With a pocket sketch it’s more about capturing the “feel” of a place rather than simply taking a camera image. This workshop is ideal for timid beginners who want to fearlessly paint in public, for experienced artists who want minimal equipment with no clean-up, and for anyone wanting a truly intimate record of what you think you see.

Pocket Sketching with Kath Macaulay
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