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If you love rich radiant colors, you’ll enjoy learning to create bright, loose colorful oil paintings by first “blocking in” with a colorful transparent underpainting and then adding opaque colors in the next layer. In this exciting class you’ll learn the “secrets” of one of the most popular “daily painting” methods as seen online. The overall focus is on how to create vivid interesting colors by layering in oils, but there will also be helpful tips for improving your color, value, design, edges and brushwork. Students will have the opportunity to work together “step by step” on the same painting (reference provided) as well as paint from their own references. This unique “wet in wet” oil painting approach works particularly well if you enjoy painting flowers, animals, and landscapes. This workshop is best for artists with some painting experience.

  • Petersen Classroom
  • Aimee Deneweth
  • Weds & Thursday, Aug 23-24
  • 9:30am-4:00pm
  • Non member $230/ Member $195
Secrets for Glowing Colors!
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