January 24 2019 - April 21 2019

An exhibition featuring the diverse artistic talents and techniques of artist members. The FAC exhibition staff will jury artwork to select an exhibition that features engaging and creative content along with the highest level of craftsmanship.

This exhibit is generously sponsored by


Exhibiting artist members include:

Thomas Adkins

Jan Archuleta

Charlotte Bassin

Cindy Beckett

Stefan Begej

Chas Boeder

Cindy Britan

Joan Cabarrus

Marilee Childs

Jay Clawson

Betsy Cole

Mark Dalessandro

Lisa Davis

Susie Drucker

Victoria Eubanks

Nanette Fazio

Kathy Fisher

Diana Fox

John Gayton

William Gee

Stefan Gessbuhler

Janis Goldblatt

Jenny Goring

Heather Hanson

Leslie Hart

Peg Hart

David Hawley

Melody Huisjen

Robert Hyatt

Annette Kennedy

Liz Lautrup

Dawn Leopardi

Mengjia  Lu

James Matera

sean mcdonnell

Johanna Morrell

Lynn Nebergall

Mary Jo Nelson

Ellen Nelson

Daryl Nickel

Nikki Nienhuis

Kyoko Ono

Cathy Pennak

Renee Peterson

Dawna Quillin

William Rohs

Bobbi Rubingh

Janet Rundquist

Tom Sarmo

Frederick Scheltinga

carol schroeder

Robin Shinn

James Smith

Laurie Sorkin

Kandy Stern

Carla Stoltzfus

Tomiko Takeda

Bonnie Thompson

Jacquie Vaux

Carol Weir

Denise Whittaker-Hoar

Jennifer Wilson

Jenny Wilson

Cyncie Winter

Robbin Wood


North Gallery


January 24 2019 - March 31 2019

A show featuring the work of Jefferson County arts students as curated by the teachers. The show focuses on the unique creative process of the students. Over 50 students from our local community will be on display in this diverse and dynamic exhibition.This exhibit is generously sponsored by


Community Gallery

2019-01-24_203, Member Show Opening.jpg

Open Studio Exhibit

January 24 2019 - March 16 2019

Open studio is simple that - open studio. It’s a fabulous environment for all artists, from all walks of life. Our abilities range from amateur to professional and everyone is welcome. A wide variety of medias are also represented which include: oils, acrylics, encaustic, mixed media, watercolor, collage, pencil and pastels. Whether you’re looking for motivation or need new ideas, you’ll find that, and much more here. Not only do we supportive critique, it’s a room full of friendship, laughter and a place for those to share in their love of the arts. For a great artistic environment, come to Foothills Art Center any Friday between 10 am and 3 pm and join us - we’d be delighted to have you.