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Plein Air Registration

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Foothills Art Center (FAC) and the Open Studio group will host its 2nd Annual Plein Air Event (PAE) to provide a rewarding plein air painting experience for novice to professional painters.   Our event is held in conjunction with the Foothills ARTSWEEK event.   The Open Studio group is a benefit of FAC’s - Art Explorer membership level.  View membership information, available at:

Participants may submit up to 2-plein air artworks for exhibit at our reception.  Participants may choose to enter our Plein Air Competition and/or to sell their 2-submitted plein air paintings at the reception.

 All artworks submitted for our Plein Air Competition must be created en Plein Air by the registered artist, within the City Limits of Golden and during this PA Event.   All paintings entered in the Plein Air Competition must be created with a minimum of 80% en Plein Air process with only 20% studio touch up process allowed.   See the full event schedule and details in our official Prospectus.


Artist name:   ____________________________              Mobile phone:   _________________________


Address:    __________________________________________________________________________


Email:      __________________________                            Website:   __________________________


Indicate your level of your participation:


Foothills Art Center Member  - $10.00           ______           

Guest Artist                             - $30.00           ______

Student (18 yrs and under)    - $10.00           ______

Amateur                                 - $10.00           ______

Late Fee                                  -   $5.00           ______


Total Entry Fee Due                                      ______


Enter the Plein Air Competition here         ______



·       Foothills will retain a 20% commission and pay 80% of the sale price to the Participants.

·       Registrations made after June 15, 2019 will pay a $5.00 late registration fee.

·       All Entry Fees are non-refundable.


For questions about our Plein Air Event, please contact co-chairs:

Janine Sturdavant – 303.907.2209,

Joni Emily – 949.945.3515,,