JUNE 19 2018 - AUGUST 12 2018

A play on the term used in restaurants, amuse bouche, meaning a bite –sized appetizer. Amuse Yeux is a mixed media small works show inspired by this concept. Artists from our community, far and wide submitted over 400 works in response to our call for entry. The 63 pieces in total represent a wide variety of disciplines. We hoped to display something to suit the taste of any visitor.

The mission of this show is to provide an opportunity for young adults in our community to begin art collections. Often times the exceptional artwork for sale in the galleries of FAC can be cost prohibitive to the masses. By hosting a show of small works, many created for this instance, we can lower the price of the works without sacrificing quality.

Participating artists include:

Hadi Abbas

Jim Allen

Alexis Avlamis

Dina Baker

Gina Barry

Chistine Bespalec-Davis

Audrey Breed

Andrew Buckner

Korey Burns

Andi Burnum

Gerri Calpin

Tara Carpenter

Amelia Caruso

Matthew Chernaskey

Jane Christie

Karen Clark

Andrea Cook

Mark Dalessandro

Debra Disman

Vivienne Douglas

Susie Drust

Ivana Gagić Kičinbači

Steve Germaine

Sophie Halma

Alicia Hess

Jason Hess

Robin Hextrum

Cara Hines

Brenda Jones

Susan Kane

Dawn Leopardi

James Long

Christa MacFarlane

Lara Mann

Layl McDill

Sarina Mitchel

Kathy Mitchell-Garton

Bruce Nall

Sophie Newell

Shelby Newman

Susanne Dagmar Olsen

Naomi Peterson

Raven Rohrig

Emily Ryan

Shana Salaff

Heather Schulte

Clare Scott

Teresa Shields

Alma Shoaf

Mark Sisson

Debbie Smith

Kathleen Snead

Laurie Sorkin

Andra Stanton

TE Stewart

Katrina Szyszkoski

Elizabeth Taylor

Robyn Thayer

Lana Turner

Celeste Utke

Christopher Warren

Hannah Williams


Hassan Najjar