Mountain Standard Clay

April 16 - June 12, 2016

Colorado Clay has been expanded to Mountain Standard Clay to highlight the quality and diversity of ceramic art in the region. In this exhibition visitors will see how the 27,000 year-old clay tradition is being transformed by contemporary artists who are pushing the boundaries of the medium. Ranging from the minimal to the baroque, the quirky to the elegant, the works of art in this exhibition will change your ideas about the power of clay to communicate a wide variety of ideas, concepts and attitudes. Nationally-recognized ceramics scholar Peter Held selected 39 works by 23 artists from over 225 entries to the exhibition, in addition to 4 invited artists.


K. Rhynus Cesark >
Samuel Chung >
Jason Kishell >
Claire McArdle >


Teresa Brooks >
Corie Cole >
Jay Dougan >
Carol Fennell >
Jonathan Kaplan >
Carla Kappa >
James Kelly
Carol Kliger >
Jamie Lang >
Ian Mabry
Lauren Mayer >
David Meiklejohn >
Rhett Moak
Paul F. Morris >
April Noble >
Bennett Onsager
Mike Rand >
Jerry Rhodes >
Phyllis Savage >
Heidi Somsen >
Devon Sullivan
Karl Yost >
Sheryl Zacharia >

Anna Schoen