JULY 27, 2018 - OCTOBER 21, 2018

Mai has been painting on metal, first aluminum and now stainless steel, for almost twenty years. By exposing areas of the raw metal substrate, a unique juxtaposition results between the industrial material and her nature-based subject matter. Her work will be an exploration of our evolving and often tenuous union with nature as well as our inherent desire to connect with it. 

Learn more about the artist here.

This exhibit is generously sponsored by Howard Masini, CPA, P.C. 

Spirit Glass by Damien Gilley

Spirit Glass by Damien Gilley

AUGUST 17, 2018 - OCTOBER 21, 2018

Damien Gilley is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator in Portland, Oregon. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. He is a contemporary installation artist who plays with perspective, line and lighting to create unique and immersive experiences. Damien will be filling our East Gallery with installations made in and specifically for our space.

This exhibit is generously sponsored by Golden Software

The Founding of Foothills

AUGUST 23, 2018 - OCTOBER 21, 2018

If we want everything to remain as it is, it will be necessary for everything to change.

Guiseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa, The Leopard, 1960

Foothills Art Center had its grand opening on August 3, 1968 featuring Bill and Dorothy Harmen’s “Western Americana Collection”. Much has changed over the years, thanks to dedicated volunteers and forward thinking staff. Volunteer director, Den Galbraith and executive directors Marian Metsopoulos and Dr. Carol Dickinson are notable, among many others.

In honor of our 50th birthday, we are pleased to exhibit work by Tom Berger, Ronald Waelchli,  Hal Shelton and Jackie McFarland along with historical photographs and ephemera.

Thank you to our ever supportive members, artists, volunteers, community partners, board members and staff of past, present and future. Cheers to 50 wonderful years and 50 more to come!

Amuse Yeux

Amuse Yeux

JUNE 19 2018 - AUGUST 12 2018

A play on the term used in restaurants, amuse bouche, meaning a bite –sized appetizer. Amuse Yeux is a mixed media small works show inspired by this concept. Artists from our community, far and wide submitted over 400 works in response to our call for entry. The 63 pieces in total represent a wide variety of disciplines. We hoped to display something to suit the taste of any visitor.

The mission of this show is to provide an opportunity for young adults in our community to begin art collections. Often times the exceptional artwork for sale in the galleries of FAC can be cost prohibitive to the masses. By hosting a show of small works, many created for this instance, we can lower the price of the works without sacrificing quality.

Participating artists include:

Hadi Abbas

Jim Allen

Alexis Avlamis

Dina Baker

Gina Barry

Chistine Bespalec-Davis

Audrey Breed

Andrew Buckner

Korey Burns

Andi Burnum

Gerri Calpin

Tara Carpenter

Amelia Caruso

Matthew Chernaskey

Jane Christie

Karen Clark

Andrea Cook

Mark Dalessandro

Debra Disman

Vivienne Douglas

Susie Drust

Ivana Gagić Kičinbači

Steve Germaine

Sophie Halma

Alicia Hess

Jason Hess

Robin Hextrum

Cara Hines

Brenda Jones

Susan Kane

Dawn Leopardi

Christa MacFarlane

Lara Mann

Layl McDill

Sarina Mitchel

Kathy Mitchell-Garton

Bruce Nall

Sophie Newell

Shelby Newman

Susanne Dagmar Olsen

Naomi Peterson

Raven Rohrig

Emily Ryan

Shana Salaff

Heather Schulte

Clare Scott

Teresa Shields

Alma Shoaf

Mark Sisson

Debbie Smith

Kathleen Snead

Laurie Sorkin

Andra Stanton

TE Stewart

Katrina Szyszkoski

Elizabeth Taylor

Robyn Thayer

Lana Turner

Celeste Utke

Christopher Warren

Hannah Williams




MAY 4, 2018 - JULY 28, 2018 

Foothills Art Center presents Charles E. Burchfield: A Resounding Roar, which features watercolor paintings displaying the artist’s love and appreciation of various sounds of daily life and the works he made in response.

Early Burchfield works depict the sound of crickets as they chirp in the bushes around his childhood home. The resounding roar of a passing train or the delicate call of a bobolink could the inspiration for a series of works lasting decades. Later Burchfield works are inspired by his favorite composers Ludwig van Beethoven and Jean Sibelius.

Join the museum for a special evening performance when Virtuosity dancers express Charles E. Burchfield’s work through dance on June 7 at 6 p.m.

This exhibit is generously sponsored by Betsy A. Thorpe

Open Studio Exhibit

Community Gallery Open Studio.JPG

MAY 11TH – JUNE 10TH, 2018

On view in community gallery 

Nineteen diverse artists, members of the Open Studio at Foothills Art Center, present their work in this month-long exhibit. The Open Studio group is a dynamic, cohesive community that meets every Friday to create, support and encourage each other on their artistic journey. Over the years, the Open Studio members have become an artistic influence in the local community and have created a life-long bond with each other and the Foothills Art Center.

Participating artists include:

Lynn Allbright

Karen Armon

Charlotte Bassin

Andi Burnum

Patty Carberry

Jane Christie

Lisa Davis

Joni Emily

Vivienne Douglas

Susie Drucker

Kim Gentile

Susan Kacik

Dina Martin

Sandy Marvin

Micheon Oklar

Sandy Pfeifer

Patricia Rucker

Louise Sliman

Eunice Weir



APRIL 20, 2018 - JULY 8, 2018

Housing has been a central political issue in the Denver Metro Area for over a decade. The explosive growth of Denver and the surrounding areas as a residential destination has caused turmoil in the housing market. FAC would like to spark conversation about this topic through the arts community. Invited artists will offer their unique perspective on the issue as Denver Metro residents.  Partnership with local government will increase the depth of insight into the issue and educational opportunities for visitors.

Thank you to our generous sponsor and all of our artists for making this show possible.

2018 Members' Show

2018 Members' Show

JANUARY 19, 2018 - APRIL 22, 2018

Foothills Art Center is pleased to host a yearly exhibition featuring the diverse artistic talents and techniques of artist members. The FAC exhibition staff will jury artwork to select an exhibition that features engaging and creative content along with the highest level of craftsmanship. Always growing, this is the first show of the year in the East Gallery; a fantastic opportunity to display work of yours if you never have before!

Exhibiting artist members include:

Charlotte Bassin

Carolyn Berry

Betsy Buckner

Lynn Burnes

Andi Burnum

Lisa Calzavara

Becky Chapman

Barb Chiarella

Jay Clawson

Betsy Cole

Kathy Cranmer

Debb Cusick

Vivienne Douglas

Doug Felkley

Kathy Fisher

Tara Flores

Pam Fortner

Diana Fox

Gale Gatto

William Gee

Shirley Gist

Janis Goldblatt

Susan Gordon

Jesse Guess

Heather Hanson

David Hawley

Chris Herald

Nicholas Hullibarger

Robert Hyatt

Patricia Joy

Susan Judy

Karen Kirkpatrick

Sue Labate

Melinda Laz

Julie Leidel

James Malenda

James Matera

Lori Mattina

Kate McCabe

Laura Mcelfresh

Chuck McGee

Matthew McLellan

Johanna Morrell

Bruce Nall

Thomas Nasky

Lynn Nebergall

Ellen Nelson

Mattie O

Katherine Payge

Renee  Peterson

Erika Pochybova 

Nancy  Priest

Maria Ramsdale

Paul Rizzo

Richard Rodriguez

Bobbi Rubingh

Carol Schroeder

Elizabeth Shelton

Robin Shinn

James  Smith

Kandy  Stern

T.E. Stewart

Carla Stoltzfus

Helene Strebel

Tomiko Takeda

Robyn  Thayer

Lana Turner

Jacquie Vaux

Patricia Warner

Carol Weir

Denise Whittaker-Hoar

Jenny Wilson



JANUARY 19, 2018 - APRIL 1, 2018

This will be the 5th year for our partnership with art instructors from Jefferson County School District. Working closely with Roy Anneberg, of Carmody Middle School, exhibition staff has organized a show where the teachers of our district have the opportunity to submit work from two exemplary K-12 students. The Power of Process highlights the creative process of each student who participates as a through line for such a diverse body of work. The opening reception is joined with the opening for our Members’ Show, creating a night of celebration the thriving arts community surrounding FAC.

43rd Holiday Art Market

43rd Holiday Art Market

November 9th - December 30th

Featuring the creations of over 100 local Colorado artists working in the highest
standards of handcraft, including fine ceramics, fiber, glasswork, jewelry, paintings,
woodworking, photography, holiday items, and more, HART is a “cool” holiday art
market and an ideal shopping destination for unique gifts! 

This is the 43 rd Annual Holiday Art Market, making this one of the most long-running
holiday art markets. HART, which opens November 10 and runs through December
30, offers free admission and is open 7 days a week!

Street Fonts & Funk

Street Fonts & Funk

August 10 - October 15


Jolt has been creating his vibrant paintings on the walls of Denver for over 20 years. Vibrant public art, commercial graffiti, abstract expressionism and illustrative characters; his body of work is as broad as it is exciting. He’s spent decades honing his style and exploring new compositions in a wide variety of environments. His studio, in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver, is where he works and shows his art. This exhibition represents another step forward for the artist in a long established career. In an all-new body of work, he seeks to find the limits of abstraction while displaying his signature mastery. Viewers can expect a wide variety of work, as well as some gigantic murals, created right in our gallery! 

This exhibition represents a massive amount of effort. An entirely new body of work generated by a master of his craft is on display. The work is filled with movement, passion, and precision. The exhibition has a member-only preview on Thursday, August 10, 2017 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. The exhibit opens to the public on August 11th and will be on view through October 15th.

 Finished Murals in Gallery

Finished Murals in Gallery





Each artist in this show has a background in geological sciences. This professional experience gives their artwork a unique through line. When artists elect to work in a natural and unrefined material, they accept it as a collaborator. The stone itself will inform every decision the artist makes.

Visitors will be presented with 3 distinct approaches to the material with stones sourced from all over the world. Susan Judy focuses on an additive approach on her mosaic inspired wall pieces. Chris Herald incorporates interesting and exotic stone into his ornate jewelry. The third artist, Bill Gee carves beautiful sculpture with more traditional subtractive techniques focusing on living subjects. This show will bridge the gap between the schools of sculpture and science.

This exhibit is generously sponsored by Howard W. Masini, CPA, P.C.



April 27th - June 4th

Photography as Activism and Poetry of Witness: A Dialogue Between Forms

Photography has long been used to create social and environmental awareness and drive change. The image exposes what we see and guides us towards a place of greater understanding and respect for one another. As activists armed with a camera we reveal a greater story.
Poetry of witness situates the writer’s lens in our public spaces revealing the consequences of experience. The testimony becomes indelible as image and evidence. Poets, working with the photographs as inspiration, find their voices and bear witness to foster awareness as the story grows beyond the canvas and the page.

Sponsored by
Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
Hennebach Program in the Humanities
Colorado School of Mines 

Photo by: Vy Duong

Variations on Growth: Ben Butler

Variations on Growth: Ben Butler

May 12 - July 23

Variations on Growth


Variations on Growth: Ben Butler is generously sponsored by Linda and Terry Stevinson.

Ben Butler is a prolific artist, with a unique organic style. Largely process driven, he and his assistants work fluidly as they allow the procedure of cutting wood and foam into organic shapes and molds to inform the final product. The outcome is surprising and awesome in both scale and intricacy. He constructs massive installations from wood, foam and concrete. This show displays a wide variety of his work including outdoor installations, extremely large room-sized unique constructions and some new pieces never before seen.

The art in this show highlights shapes inspired by the natural world. The laws of nature mold the development of all the creations in its domain. Inspired, Ben develops regimented processes to guide the growth of his artwork. The task begins with an impulse. These complex forms are an exercise in play and exploration of the material. Ben, like nature, does not have a final product in mind as he works. He is reactionary and present in each step of construction.



April 24th - June 25th 

Colorado Watercolor Society State Watercolor Exhibit

Join Foothills Art Center to celebrate the 26th Annual Colorado Watercolor Society (CWS) State Watercolor Exhibition, an annual juried exhibition from watermedia artists from Colorado.

The Colorado Watercolor Society has grown over the decades and now counts over four hundred members. Their membership represents a wide range of experience levels, from beginners to experts, from amateurs and hobbyists to seasoned professionals, including nationally and internationally acclaimed artists. Painting styles, subject matter and media are equally varied, encompassing traditional, representational transparent watercolor, more contemporary, experimental and abstract watercolor.

Colorado Watercolor Society 2017 State Exhibition is generously sponsored by John Puma, LIV Sotheby’s International Realty.  “It’s a great honor to sponsor the Colorado Watercolor Society exhibit here at Foothills Art Center.   At Foothills Art Center we love to give the local Golden and greater Colorado artist a place to showcase their works.  I look forward to working on this and future exhibits here at Foothills as we strive to continuously enrich our community through the arts.”

The exhibitions kicked off with a member-only preview on Thursday, April 20, 2017 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. On view through June 25th 2017.

Exhibiting Artists are: 

Cheryl Annett

Ann Arensmeyer

Tanis Bula

Greg Chapleski

Diane Fechenbach

Paul Foster

Nancy Dee

Susan Gordon

Pat Foster

Jay Breese

Robert Gray

Steve Griggs

Pamela Gilmore Hake

Larry Haught

Pamela Hostetler

Betty Jaggers



Deborah Jansen

Bronwen Jones

Susan Kane

Naum Katsenelson

Jimmy Magouirk

Carol Marander

Barbara McAdams

Pam McLaughlin

Donna Malpiede McNulty

Kay Moore

Monique Moore

Georgia Mucilli

Carol Newsom

Philip Newsom

Tom Newsom

Barbara Olsen

Judy Porzak

Lisa Rettedal

Jill Riggin

Marijane Sharpe

Becky Silver

Lou Ann Sosalla

Kandice Starbuck

Rita Summers

Beatrice Trautman

Don Van Horn

Lorraine Watry

David Wicks

Merrie Wicks

Dianne Widom

Marylouise Widmaier

Anita Winter

Judy Witherell

Gene Youngman



The Power of Process, A Jeffco Student Exhibition, February 3rd - April 2nd 

Members' Show February 3rd - April 23rd

Foothills Art Center proudly presents the 2017 Members’ Show and

The Power of Process, A Jeffco Student Exhibition showcasing their outstanding community.

FAC artist members have been the foundation of the institution since 1968.  From the earliest years through the late 1980’s, Foothills Art Center featured art-work by members in an annual exhibition. Presenting over 70 works of art in a variety of media, Foothills is excited to feature works from their members from all over the United States. Juried by Foothills Art Centers’ exhibition staff, the selection highlights engaging and creative content along with the highest level of craftsmanship.

Engaging in the community is a point of pride for Foothills Art Center, so in addition to the Members’ Show, The Power of Process, A Jeffco Student Exhibition is a great way to see the variety of work from kids in kindergarten through 12th grade. "Our goal has always been to provide students with a professional atmosphere to exhibit their work," says Exhibitions manager, Eriq Hochuli. "The size restrictions are no more and emphasis is placed on the creative journey that students travel to create their work."

The exhibitions kick off with a member-only preview on Thursday, February 2, 2017 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. 

From watercolor to wood and abstraction to realism, the art members of Foothills Art Center display a diversity of talent.  

Exhibiting artist members include:

Heba Barazi

Mary Beth Beach

Carolyn  Berry

Sharon Brown

Gerri Calpin

Lisa Calzavara

Jan R Carson

Becky Chapman

Jay Clawson

Nancy Condit

Nicole Copel

Kathy Cranmer

Lisa Davis

Barbara Diehl

Courtney Dobeck

Vivienne Douglas

Pam Fortner

William Gee

Janis Goldblatt

David Hawley

Becky Hawley

Chris Herald

Jen Herling

Christine Jarvis




EunKyung Jeong

Patricia Joy

Susan Judy

Phillippa Lack

Joseph Lhotka

James Matera

M.P. McAuliffe

Teri McCans

Georgene  McGonagle

Anna Mead

Kathy Mitchell-Garton

Bruce Nall

Ellen Nelson

Carol Newsom

Daryl Nickel

Nikki Nienhuis

Janet Nunn

Mattie O

Cathy Pennak

Dave Powers

Nancy Priest

Beth Riser

Richard Rodriguez

Patricia Rucker

Max Ruppeck

Ryan Schellhorn

Carol Schroeder

Elizabeth Shelton

Peggy Stenmark

Carla Stoltzfus

Tina Suszynski

Tomiko Watada Takeda

Carolyn Tegeder

Gwen Thelen

W. Max Thomason

Beatrice Trautman

Lana Turner

Lynda Tygart

Kathryn Vinson

Carol Weir

Denise Whittaker-Hoar

David Wicks

Merrie Wicks

Jennifer Wilson

Jenny Wilson

Nancy Wylie

Gene Youngmann

Laurajane Zimmer-Reed

Holiday Art Market

Holiday Art Market

November 11th - December 30th

Foothills Art Center opens its 42rd year of HART, the premier venue for local handmade shopping in the Denver metro area. HART is an exceptional event showcasing over 100 local artists, while supplying visitors a wide range of prices and unique items to buy during the holiday season. Admission is free to the public and it runs approximately 7 weeks making it the longest holiday show in the area, giving you plenty of opportunity to pick up those gifts for family, friends, and loved ones.

HART kicks off with a member-only preview on Thursday, November 10th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. HART will be open 7 days-a-week starting November 11 and will be open late every Thursday night until 8 pm. The market will continue through December 30th.

Foothills Art Center also provides family-friendly activities each weekend in December. Make lasting holiday memories with photos with Santa, create your own holiday cards with the kids, or gingerbread houses.


Rocky Mountain National Watermedia

Rocky Mountain National Watermedia

September 15th- October 23rd

Rocky Mountain National Watermedia is generously sponsored by Jane and Leonard Diggs, Hébert Advisory Services, and Patricia and David Rucker. Additional support provided by Golden Software, James and Terrey Harrod, Joyce and Jack Shelton, and Rosalie Silver.

“This national exhibition has a rich history of showcasing the best talent in watermedia from around the country,” says Executive Director, Hassan Najjar. “Our visitors will see an impressive array of styles on display.” 

RMNW’s annual tradition began in 1974 when local artists approached Foothills Art Center with the idea of a national watercolor show. Forty-three years later, Rocky Mountain National Watermedia has become one of the foremost watermedia exhibitions in the country.

“The Rocky Mountain National Watermedia committee, founded in the beginning, extended watercolor to watermedia,” adds Patricia Rucker, Chairperson of the RMNW Committee. “This year’s exhibition includes acrylic, tempera, casein, as well as mixed watermedia.”

The 2016 juror, internationally known artist, Katherine Chang Liu, reviewed more than 500 entries from 228 artists representing 34 states. Works that range from highly articulated realism to engaging works of abstraction in a variety of watermedia punctuate an exhibit that enthusiasts and appreciators alike will enjoy. 

Click here to see the award winners.

 Jonathan Keeton,  The Boarding House, Madrid, NM

Jonathan Keeton, The Boarding House, Madrid, NM

  Rocky Mountain National Watermedia  at Foothills Art Center

Rocky Mountain National Watermedia at Foothills Art Center

Fine Craft Invitational

Fine Craft Invitational

 Ron Gerton,  I'll Never Forget You , laser cut wood scraps, acrylic

Ron Gerton, I'll Never Forget You, laser cut wood scraps, acrylic


The Foothills Art Center is pleased to present a group exhibition of Fine Craft featuring outstanding American artists working in clay, fiber, glass, metals, and wood. The “Fine Craft Invitational” will run from June 24 – September 4, 2016 with a member preview Thursday, June 23, 2016 from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Fine Craft is known for high quality artworks created with time-honored processes.  The techniques have been passed down throughout history from one artist to the next. Originally many of these creations were functional, which set them apart from so-called fine art works. However, in recent years, many practitioners of Fine Craft have blurred this division by using traditional craft media to express concepts or explore ideas. As a result, the line dividing Contemporary Fine Craft and Fine Art has become obscured. Form no longer needs to follow function.

  Fine Craft Invitational  at Foothills Art Center

Fine Craft Invitational at Foothills Art Center

Mastering craft techniques takes years of formal training followed my many more years to develop a personal aesthetic. Whether educated in a University or as an apprentice, those techniques are taught with a focus on fundamentals.  Most clay students are first taught how to throw a bowl, most metal students to form a ring.  Many contemporary craftspeople continue to create functional pieces. Even so, more and more students emerging from craft programs are creating conceptual, or idea-based, forms while continuing to display a reverence for the media and technique by creating work with the highest level of craftsmanship.

In recent years many craft artists have begun using traditional craft techniques to create concept based sculptural forms rather than functional objects.  This exhibition seeks to showcase some of the finest examples of this exciting change in the Fine Craft movement.  Six Artists will be featured in the show: Cleveland glass artist Brent Kee Young, San Francisco clay artist Bean Finneran, Washington State wood turner Ron Gerton, basketry artist Carol Eckert, Denver metalsmith-sculptor Ira Sherman, and Fort Collins textile artist Jan R. Carson.  Each artist will be exhibiting major bodies of their work.

Fine Craft Invitational is on view through September 4, 2016.