Foothills Art Center presents Finding Home

Three artists explore Denver’s affordable housing crisis with thought-provoking art installations


GOLDEN, Colo…April 30, 2018 – Now through July 8, 2018 Foothills Art Center presents Finding Home, a conceptual exhibition with the intent of creating a community dialogue about the ever present and often tragic situation involving affordable housing in the Denver Metro region.

Finding Home features dramatic art installations by three Denver artists whose artwork occupies three different rooms at FAC. The artists are Ramón Bonilla, Pam Fortner, and Lauri Lynnxe Murphy.

According to FAC Executive Director Hassan Najjar, “Our intention is to educate our community about affordable housing issues, while simultaneously allowing three extremely talented artists to express their interpretations of the issue. The art community often is the first to feel the impact of a tight housing market. As housing becomes scarcer and more expensive, traditional artist space is often forfeited pushing artists as well as lower income families out in search of more affordable space. We don’t presume to know the answers to these complex issues, but we want to help encourage dialogue and awareness of an issue that is an issue for so many of us.”

Each room contains facts and figures about the housing crisis displayed alongside the work of each artist. People may be surprised to learn that Denver’s area median income is $56,100, if you earn less than your regions AMI this can affect your ability to find a home. Those who make 50% of AMI or less will struggle especially hard to find housing in the “affordable range” and understanding the scope and severity of the affordable housing issue helps give context to each artist’s installation.

Najjar added, “FAC doesn’t presume to know the best solution, but in an age where political tribalism is at an all-time high, we believe that there will be no solutions without civil discourse. Through the creation and display of artwork we hope to set the stage for these difficult conversations and hope that the creativity of these artists can encourage community collaboration and legislative policy.”

Join us for a conversation on Thursday, May 17 at 7 p.m., for a panel discussion about the housing climate in our region with the artists and local housing experts.

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