Foothills Art Center Membership
from 35.00
Spring Break Art Classes
from 50.00
Marketing Your Art: Learn the Secrets
from 35.00
Finding Your Own Artistic Voice
from 45.00
Introduction to Framing Your Art
from 80.00
Open Studio Passes
from 12.00
FAC Full-Day Summer Classes
from 290.00
FAC Half-Day Summer Classes
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Half-Day Summer Extension
from 60.00
Art for Young Adults
from 180.00
Back to Basics in Watermedia, What Works and Why? with Peggy Morgan Stenmark
from 315.00
Painting Spring Flowers with Janet Nunn
from 90.00
Painting Notecards- Janet Nunn
from 90.00
Pocket Sketching with Kath Macaulay
from 315.00
Santa Fe Member Trip
from 395.00
Set Your Horizons
from 50.00
Take Your Pick of One or Two! Jane Christie’s One or Two day Workshop: Success with pastels
from 80.00
Painting an Urban Scene with Janet Nunn
from 90.00
Secrets for Glowing Colors!
from 195.00
Gingerbread Houses 12/8/2018
from 0.00
Purchase Gala Tickets
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sold out
Cloudscapes with Kathy Beekman
from 50.00
Purchase Snatch & Dash Tickets
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Growing Your Art
from 50.00
Member Trip to Evergreen
Drawing with Chuck Ceraso
from 95.00
Member Trip to Italy - Deposit
from 1,000.00
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Metal Smithing in a Morning
from 75.00
Paint Pouring
from 200.00
Fearless Creating: Working with the Stages and Anxieties of the Creative Process
from 50.00
Painting with Watercolor with Janet Nunn
from 125.00
Hot Art, Basic Encaustic Techniques
from 175.00
Stickman to Illustration
from 95.00
Multimedia World Map Workshop
from 60.00
Figure Drawing from the Model; Step-by-Step
from 95.00
Members' Trip to Aspen
from 410.00
Gingerbread Houses 12/15/2018
from 0.00
Next Steps in Encaustic
from 160.00