City of Golden Signal Box Art Design

Call for Entry


Mission of PAC

The Public Art Commission (PAC) is responsible for the City of Golden’s Art in Public Places Program. Public art creates a vibrant atmosphere that contributes to the quality and cultural identity of our community. It is inspired by a variety of goals including encouraging cultural expression and inspiring a sense of civic pride.

Artists bring a unique perspective to the built and natural landscape of our City and create memorable spaces for residents, businesses, and visitors. Enhancing the character of community through public art directly supports cultural tourism and economic development.

The PAC has the responsibility of promoting, selecting, acquiring and maintaining public art in the fulfillment of the City’s Art in Public Places program.

Goal of Project

Foothills Art Center and the City of Golden are teaming up to further beautify downtown Golden. Signal boxes are large grey metal boxes located at many intersections in Golden. They contain the hardware for managing the timing of traffic and crossing signals. We would like to ask the community of artists in our state to design and submit artwork to be applied to these boxes. We are very excited for this opportunity to highlight the talent of our local artists in these high traffic and high visibility locations. The signal boxes typically go unnoticed by passersby and in some cases they can be quite unsightly. Rather than taking measures to camouflage them further, we would like to re-purpose them as a showcase for artistic excellence.

1 of the 7 signal boxes

1 of the 7 signal boxes



  • Artists must be Colorado residents to enter.

  • This opportunity has no age restriction, if you are under 18 please have a parent or legal guardian enter on your behalf.

We will be choosing 7 different designs for each of the signal boxes. The images will be printed on vinyl and wrapped around the 4 sides of the box. This may result in some cropping of your image.

Restrictions on Subject Matter:

Foothills Art Center takes an open and inclusive approach to the subject matter of the artwork we display, but this is a contracted public arts project so there will be some restrictions.

  1. No suggestive or adult content. PG rating is a good guideline.

  2. No political content.

  3. No negative reference to individuals alive or dead.

  4. Artwork must be original and adhere to fair use guidelines.

  5. No content of a commercial nature.

Award and Benefits:

Artists who are selected will be given a $500 honorarium. The Artist will be expected to work with us on any needed edits to their image for the fit on the specific box, they should also be prepared to provide alternative versions of their image for the printing company to use if necessary. The artist will not be involved in the physical installation of the vinyl wrap depicting their artwork, this task is best left to experts. Artists will not be able to choose which box their work will appear on. We will be printing placards for each box to display the title and artists name/ social media, the PAC and FAC logo will also be present.

Criteria for Selection:

  1.      Public art like this should have broad appeal given the nature of its display.

  2.      Originality of concept

  3.      Exceptional use of media

  4.     Integration of the signal box into the design. Your work will be on four sides of a box, not on one solid surface and this needs to be considered.

  5. We will be considering the work of artists of all ages and skill levels. The PAC would like to have the 7 boxes be representative of artists at all stages of their “careers.”

***Artwork that was created for another purpose or show may be used as long as it is your own.


The jury will be composed of Foothills Art Center staff and the Public Arts Committee members.


  • Deadline for entries is October 15th 2019

  • Notifications will be emailed on November 8th 2019


Copyright Artist represents and warrants that the Artist is the author, creator or sole copyright holder of the material submitted to this call for entries and that said material does not and will not infringe upon the proprietary or any intellectual property rights of any other persons or entities.

The City and its assigns shall possess and own a copy of the digital files of the image as well as any photographs or other physical image submitted by the Artist through this project (the “Public Artwork”). The Artist retains all other rights provided through the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. Section 101 et seq. to the Public Artwork.

The Artist also grants to City and its assigns an irrevocable license to post the digital images on the internet and to make two-dimensional designs of the digital images to be used for information and other purposes, such as in brochures, media, publicity and catalogs or other similar non-profit purposes. Artist grants to the City the sole discretion to destroy the representation of the artwork design at the end of their lifespan, when the piece is in disrepair, or when the utility box needs to be replaced or for any other reasons.

All images used by the City and its assigns will credit the Artist and project name. Artists shall indemnify the City and its assigns against any and all claims related to consideration, ownership or use of the digital images.

To Enter:

Entries are two parts:

  1. Fill out and submit the form below.

  2. Email your design entry with the subject line “Signal Box.” Do not paste or drag and drop image into the body of the email. You must click the paperclip icon. The provided template (click here to download) should be useful for visualizing how your artwork will be viewed on the four sides of the box. If you paste your digitized image into the template, you can create a mock up by printing, cutting out and folding the template into a four sided box. This process is not mandatory.

    Your submission should be high enough resolution for jurying but does not have to be “print ready”. Please keep all versions of your artwork in case your work is selected, especially extremely high resolution versions and originals. These files will be necessary to the production process. If your entry was created using scanned or photographed images these may need to be re-scanned for the printing.

    You may also include with your entry up to 4 detail images of your work, if there are aspects you wish to highlight. If your images do not fit attached to a single email, you may attach them to a separate one using the same naming convention (as described below.)

    Please name your file using your last name. For detail images, include the word detail after your last name in the file name.






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This is your background, philosophy, experience and inspiration as an artist.
This should focus on why your artwork achieves the goals of the project and a description of your artistic process, media used and any other pertinent information.