Members’ Show

January 24 2019 - April 21 2019

An exhibition featuring the diverse artistic talents and techniques of artist members. The FAC exhibition staff will jury artwork to select an exhibition that features engaging and creative content along with the highest level of craftsmanship.

Power of Process

January 24 2019 - March 31 2019

A show featuring the work of Jefferson County arts students as curated by the teachers. The show focuses on the unique creative process of the students. Over 50 students from our local community will be on display in this diverse and dynamic exhibition.

Otto Kuhler: Designing the Future

April 19 2019 - June 10 2019

Famous for his work in industrial design; streamlining of American railroad engines in the mid-20th century. Otto Kuhler’s fascination with machinery and the ingenuity of the human mind are front and center in his diverse portfolio or artwork. This show will feature works on loan from the collection of the Colorado Railroad Museum.

Alex Mcloed: NPC Hell

May 10 2019 - July 28 2019

Alex is a video artist from Toronto, Canada tackling the concept of morality in the realm of artificial intelligence. Inspired by video games and science fiction, Alex’s video creations are part animation/ part surrealist sculpture. This is show will feature his animation loops on a series of displays to fascinate our audience.

Evolving Perceptions, SAQA

June 28 2019 - October 6 2019

Edward Bono said, “If you can change your perception, you can change your emotion, and this can lead to new ideas.”  Most people relate to and have fond memories associated with quilts; those covers for a bed made from pieces of fabric that are stitched together and filled with padding.  This exhibit is intended to challenge the perceptions of what a quilt is; an exhibit that will be exciting, cutting edge and will stretch the imagination of the viewer as to what layered fabric can be.  It is an opportunity for the artist to be innovative in color, line, composition and materials in depicting their vision, whether realistic, representational or abstract.  The artist is invited to submit pieces that explore the limits of the medium, including 3-D and multimedia (including video and audio).

Character and Narrative

August 16 2019 - October 20 2019

An exhibition featuring the illustrative work of Phil Ashworth, Tom Sarmo, Travis Winters and John Van Horn. These artist utilize a variety of media, including ceramics to create deep characters through visual story telling.

45th Holiday Art Market

November 15 2019 - December 30 2019

Community Gallery

Open Studio Exhibit

January 24 2019 - March 16 2019

Multimedia and Graphic Design from Red Rocks Community College

March 29 2019 - May 12 2019

Amuse Yeux

June 7 2019 - September 15 2019

Diana FOx

September 13 2019 - October 20 2019